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Batman: Arkham Knight New Details – Environmental Takedown, Non-Lethal Batmobile

In an exclusive Gamescom interview, Rocksteady Social Marketing Manager Gaz Deaves shared quite a lot of new details on Batman: Arkham Knight – primarily related to Batmobile and Gotham City.

While playing the game, one thing that players will notice right off the bat is going to be the increased number of mobs with their upgraded movesets.

And to counter them, Batman himself has improved his abilities with the addition of new techniques like Environmental Takedown that would allow him to take down thugs with a single strike.

Another small yet significant change related to combat that players will notice is that while fighting a group of 4-6 thugs, no two takedown animations will be the same.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Coming to Batmobile, one thing that fans have been wondering is how Batmobile manages to work in a synergy with Batman in taking down enemies, but not kill them? The reason of this is that as soon as Batmobile identifies a human target it automatically switches to non-lethal rubber bullet that prevents Batman from killing anyone.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Speaking of how much Batmobile will be featured in the game, Deaves stated that the synergy between Batman and Batmobile is not only confined to taking out goons or exploring the Gotham City, but it acts like an extension of the Batman which would help the Capped Crusader to solve puzzles, traverse through the environment, and ultimately take down Scarecrow.

Deaves also talked about the Gotham City and how is it compared to the previous two games, the relationship between Arkham Knight and Scarecrow and their mutual agenda of taking down Batman, and how PS4 helped Rocksteady not only achieve remarkable visual fidelity, but also other components that would’ve not been possible on the last-gen.

Batman: Arkham Knight

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