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Will We See a Call Of Duty Movie? Activision Might Start a New Studio

Apparently yes!, Activation is rumored to be planning to open their own studio.

The news comes via The Information and has been reported by Engadget. Activision Blizzard is “tentatively planning” to open a studio to produce both movies and TV shows based on their brands.

If true, then Activation would not be first to take this step as Ubisoft also plans to open their own studio and turn its most prestigious franchises into big hits on the silver screen.

It’s a positive step because by doing this, these companies will have the freedom to produce the movies as they want to see on the big screen instead of licensing out the projects to third party studios.

Furthermore,CEO Bobby Kotick has been wary of the bad films souring his brands like Call Of Duty and Skylanders. Activation is yet to state any comments on this and the story is expected to develop in the coming months.

Turning games into movies is nothing new as we have seen it be done with Resident Evil which is so far the most successful adaption of a game for the Big screen. If made the right way, Call Of Duty has the potential to become one of the most successful movies franchise around.

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