Super Time Force Ultra Adds Team Fortress 2 Characters?

We mentioned that developer Capybara Games would be returning one of their games to Steam and rebranding it as Super Time Force Ultra, which shortens to STFU. They’re clever that way.

Well, that title has a gameplay trailer out and it looks like the PC version will be getting some special appearances from Team Fortress 2. It was previously revealed that the character roster would be increased and this is hardly the first time that Steam sneaks some Valve-tied content in other games.

In particular, the mysterious silhouettes for the Pyro character and Saxton Hale can be seen at the end of the clip. Who else would be such a brawny mass of machismo?

The clip for Super Time Force Ultra is also the perfect way to decide whether or not you’re on board with this frantic side-scrolling platform shooter, previously exclusive to Xbox consoles. There’s a plug in there that calls it a modern Contra and it wouldn’t be totally wrong about that.

In Super Time Force Ultra, characters need to dodge a ton of animosity and shoot down everything in their path. It also has a time manipulation element that allows for multiple characters to populate different timelines simultaneously.

Capy Games uses a pixel art style they’ve grown comfortable with. Previously, they’ve launched Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, which made headlines over its minimal yet classy aesthetics.

Additionally, the developer is working on explorative survival game Below, which it will also limit to Xbox consoles for the time being. It will, however, eventually come to PC as well.

Super Time Force Ultra will arrive on Steam next week.

Thanks, Destructoid.