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Sims 4 Won’t Be Getting any Early Review, What’s the Matter?

It looks like Sims 4 won’t be getting any early reviews as EA has refused to give out review copies Prior to the games launch.

The news came by IGN Review Editor, Dan Stapleton via his Twitter account in which he mentioned that a spokesperson from EA has told him “no one is getting access ahead of the release” and he is denied copies of the game for review purposes.

“Looks like there’ll be no The Sims 4 reviews until after it’s out. EA tells me no one’s getting access ahead of release. I’m nervous.”

The reason behind this is vague but it sure is not a positive sign for the game. May be EA wanted to avoid pre-release criticism after a disappointing release of the The Sim City, which was heavily criticized due t its Unrealistic zoning mechanics which lead to a lot of problems with city development and problematic multiplayer, especially with connecting to servers.

EA’s image among consumers is not ideal as is they say “The Tallest trees catch the most wind”. This expression somewhat describes EA’s situation right now and was also used by peter Moore last year when EA was part of a pool to name the “worst company in America”.

And now EA‘s move to withhold review copies is not helping the title or the company in anyway. Whatever the reason is, we can only speculate and I will hold my Judgment about Sims 4 until it comes out.

Sims 4 is Scheduled for a September 2, 2014 release.