ReddX, the Reddit App, Comes to Xbox One This Week

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has announced that Reddit would soon be heading to the Xbox One console.

According to the announcement, ReddX has has been built to combine both the “intense community involvement” and “unique capabilities offered by Xbox One”. The app will release tomorrow and is the first ever Reddit app for the TV.

Users can browse any sub-Reddit, up and downvote posts, save photos to profiles, and set an image as the ReddX app background. Additionally comments can be added using the Xbox One controller, media remote or Xbox One SmartGlass. Images and text while browsing Reddit can also be zoomed in or out with ease.

ReddX will also support the console’s Snap feature and users can attach the app to the side of their TV screens while playing games or using any other app.

ReddX is not the only app coming to the Xbox One this week. Sometime later Microsoft intends to release MTV, along with new updates for the Twitch app.