PES 15 New Gameplay Videos Pit International Giants Against Each Other

PES 15 is looking great and like most of the times, it’s hoping to give its rival Fifa 15 some tough competition.

As you can see in the videos,The keeper AI has been upgraded and with impressive visuals making the pitch and players look way more realistic than they were in the previous installments of the game. Enhanced players emotions and more animated stadiums help a lot in building the overall atmosphere of the game.

In addition, lighting have also been improved and when compared to the E3 demo, this gameplay have also turned down on the interrupting cut-scenes which you previously have to skip through after a goal or a close miss.

And that’s not all, if have you have noticed PES 15 have picked up on one of the the key features of its competitor which is the degrading pitch as when players slide, scuff their boots or mark the pitch during play, those actions can be seen effecting the pitch and the pitch degrades and changes during the course of the match.  

PES 15 is being developed on the Fox Engine, the same one used in the development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the upcoming Silent Hill game.

Pro Evolution Soccer will be released on Nov. 13 for all major platforms. You can share your thoughts and views about the game in the comments section below!