Hellgate Global Seeking Resurrection On Steam Greenlight

Troubled massively multiplayer online (MMO) title Hellgate has made a reappearance, this time through Steam Greenlight. Its revived version, now branded as Hellgate Global, will be seeking votes to bring its free-to-play title to Valve’s popular platform.

Whether or not it will stick with the free model isn’t sure, however, as the Greenlight pages make no mention of it, either in the description or the game’s tags. Given the spruced up content, it may opt for a different business plan.

Hellgate Global will include Cow Room, which offer wave defense gameplay with periodic bosses and loot to collect. This mode also throws in storms that impede vision.

Another option, Base Defense, works with similar wave dynamics, but also looks at how well the camp is defended. Again, this can contain a reward of various items.

Finally, Hellgate Global introduces Hell Mode, where the challenge is increase for better loot.

Hellgate Global has had a really strange run through our gaming realm. Originally, the game launched in 2007 as Hellgate: London.

It was one of the most ambitious MMO projects back then, implementing both first-person and third person designs to a huge world with grizzly enemies. While it was bleak and sometimes frightening, the game also suffered from tedium at the expense of its monochrome visuals and empty environments.

Eventually, the MMO was taken down, only to be revived later as Hellgate Tokyo through publisher T3. Sadly, by then there were several newer options to choose from and the title sort of dwindled once more.

It looks like this is a last hurrah for Hellgate Global to be noticed within the safe bosom of Steam. Speculation on whether or not they’ll succeed can now begin.