Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Cute Dog Plushie Preorder

Publisher Natsume has announced that they’ll have physical preorder bonuses for people who want Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. This title for Nintendo 3DS will come with a cute plushie of a dog, in the same simplified cartoon style known from the series.

Currently, North American preorders with the plushie included are available from Gamestop and similar outlet EBGames. There will, however, be an Amazon version coming shortly.

A preorder for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will set you back $29.99, which is reasonable, given the incentive. There’s also a version available from Walmart, but it’s unsure whether or not it will contain the dog plushie.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is different from older titles, if you’ve been tuned out for a while. It’s no longer just about tending to a farm, instead focusing on resource gathering of various different areas.

You’ll be fishing, mining, chopping wood and so on. To make the game a bit more facilitating this time around, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley makes items context-sensitive.

For instance, if you bring your pickaxe with you on your journey and you encounter a rock, the game will automatically detect that you’d like to mine. Moreover, upgrades will be waved away in favor of helping sprites that can be deployed to collect goods.

Natsume also revealed that some characters around town might teach you certain skills.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will arrive on Nintendo 3DS in North America somewhere in fall of this year. Europe will need to wait a bit longer, until 2015.

Source: Siliconera.