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Dragon Age Inquisition Level Cap Explained by Mike Laidlaw

In a recent interview with Dragon Age Inquisition’s creative Director Mike Laidlaw shed some light on the game level cap and XP .

The game is in development at Bioware and is among one of the ambiguous titles from the developer.

Laidlaw stated : “They key is to not have a cap. When you arbitrary just stop getting experience, it honestly kind of sucks in my opinion. The way experience is granted in Inquisition is as you tackle monsters and going after things and as they get too low level for you they stop granting you experience.”

“You’re probably done with the game because you’ve killed almost everything, so that’s kind of our approach. It’s more of a soft-cap and there will be a point at which you stop leveling up somewhere.”

The game is a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II and Bioware is planning to combine elements from both the titles into the next installment in the series Dragon Age Inquisition.

The lead character for the game will be known as the inquisitor and players will be able to choose from different playable races.

Mike Laidlaw has also previously stated that playing as a different character “does not mean your old character may never appear in future games,” which indicates that the new protagonist might be able to meet Hawke and the Warden-Commander.

Dragon Age Inquisition is set to release on November 18, 2014 in North America and November 20, 2014 in Europe.