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Double Fine Will Help Gang Beasts With Its Release

Notable studio Double Fine will help publish PC game Gang Beasts.  This is part of their Double Fine Presents program, which fronts other indie titles with the help of their range of influence.

Gang Beasts actually already has some momentum of its own going. It’s a local multiplayer brawler with smooth, simplified 3D visuals and wacky physics.

In the game, players try to awkwardly pummel each other and ultimately try to kill the opponent through some environmental hazard. For instance, a level includes fighting around a giant open furnace, where someone may or may not get thrown into.

Characters’ stumpy appendages and ragdoll physics often create some hilarious circumstances. With added grappling mechanisms, it’s well possible to drag your enemy along with you to your doom.

There’s also a singleplayer component to the game that acts more like traditional sidescrollers such as Streets of Rage or Double Dragon. It retains the same wobbly aesthetics, but with some more mob-related encounters, if you don’t happen to have a bunch of friends over.

Prior to Gang Beasts, Double Fine offered aid to Escape Goat 2, a puzzle platform title. They also just now released Mountain on Steam, a sort of divisive take on what a game requires to be called a game.

Double Fine is busy branching out with other people as well. They’ll be working together with publisher Nordic Games to bring Costume Quest 2, the long-awaited sequel to a cute roleplaying game.

Gang Beasts will soon hit Steam through Early Access. It’s planned for August 29.