Bloodborne: Six-Minute Walkthrough Video Offers More Combat Insight

Sony has released a new gameplay footage video for Bloodborne that spans for six minutes and offers us more details on the game’s combat mechanics.

Bloodborne features a unique health-regeneration system which requires the player to attack an enemy shortly after receiving damage. The amount which can be regained is shown in yellow in the game’s HUD.

In the video you also get to see a friendly NPC help out in battle. The footage though does not clarify as to who this stranger is and how he relates to the player.

Bloodborne may be a spiritual successor to Dark Souls but so far the game looks a bit easier than what we had to deal with in the Souls titles. This maybe a wrong perception at this time but if true, it could be so that the gameplay appeals to a larger crowd.

Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title and was officially announced during this year’s E3 media briefing of Sony. It was previously being worked on under the name Project Beast for which a couple of screenshots were also leaked.

The game plays out in a Victorian setting in a fictional city of Yharnam that has been overrun by cursed creatures. The protagonist is a traveler who has come to the city and is now tasked with ridding it of the monsters.

Bloodborne is scheduled for release in Spring 2015.