Two New Minecraft LEGO Sets Announced With Images

LEGO has just released images of two new sets “The Cave” and “The Farm” for fans of Minecraft, allowing people to put their mini figs on the sets and creating some cool crossovers (Harry Potter tending sheep on a farm?).

While these aren’t the first Minecraft LEGO sets, in fact Minecraft LEGO has been here for quite a while, these certainly are the right sized ones.

The previous LEGO set was on a tiny scale with tiny figures. While the new sets aren’t huge, they certainly are big enough to accommodate 3-4 mini figs easily.

To make the sets look even more appropriate for the Minecraft theme, the mini fig heads have been changed to square heads, just like in Minecraft.

These sets are scheduled to be released at the end of 2014 along with some other Minecraft themed sets, The First Night, Creative Box, The Ender Dragon and The Mine.

The Cave includes with it 2 mini figures, Steve and a zombie, with their various accessories, even a spider! The set also includes a TNT for you to blow stuff up (well you can’t really blow stuff up).

The Farm once again contains Steve along with a Skeleton mini figure and a cow and a sheep.

Minecraft Set #2