The Sims 4 Video Offers Nine Minutes of Gameplay Footage

German fan-site was able to get an early hands-on with The Sims 4 and have now posted a gameplay video that reveals a bit of the already previously mentioned features.

The video lasts for about nine minutes and is in German. Thankfully Reddit user NJ-5 helped translate the video by posting a play-by-play commentary for the entire video, complete with time stamps.

The video starts by showing off the park in Oasis Springs and then has players fishing and catching frogs. You get to see herbs being grown in a garden but since the Sim’s gardening skills aren’t high, the herbs cannot be harvested. Following that you get to see mounds which according to the video can be dug up for fossils, gems and ores.

The video then showcases the Build Mode where you can modify almost everything. The transition from live mode to Build Mode is seamless and instant. From the menu you get to see that you’re able to edit the Residential, General, Bar, Library, Fitness, Lounge, Museum, Nightclub, and Park lots. It also shows the requirements for each lot.

Later in the video you can see the player switch through the times of day and then head into the Designtool that lets you change the color of objects.

Near the end, the video shows premade rooms, three different window sizes, roof modifications, the ability to switch off the snapping of counters and a search function.

The Sims 4 is scheduled for release on September 2 for the PC. A Mac version has been confirmed but it will release later this year.