Survival Game Congo Gets Dark Gameplay Trailer

PC survival game Congo has released a new gameplay trailer that depicts about 4 uncut minutes of action. As the name suggests, this takes place in an African setting, more specifically a jungle.

Seen from an isometric view, Congo uses lighting as a main design choice, like many other survival titles. Under the cloak of darkness, a character is seen trying to retrieve a fuel canister for resources.

Soon after, monsters start bleeding out from behind the trees. A lot of the hostility is masked by the night, forcing the character to use a flashlight.

With the light, it’s possible to illuminate one section, but not another. It looks like Congo has a sensible artificial intelligence (AI) set up that swarms players from all sides.

Being surrounded, the player needs to shine in different directions to frighten the enemies. Despite numerous shots, it doesn’t really look like the creatures give way.

Another light source is found in a torch, but it seems weaker and doesn’t stop enemies in their tracks. While the illuminated area becomes bigger, it also limits weapons to single-handed arms, such as a pistol or a blade.

The reticule in Congo seems to provide a bit of help where the lighting obscures play for added tension. When a unit is in sights, a big circle will surround them, as long as they’re in range.

There’s also an atmospheric aspect to Congo. In particular, the Unreal Engine 4 game is complemented with ambient sound effects like chilling screams.

Sadly, the gameplay clip doesn’t end well. It looks like being overwhelmed in Congo turns deadly quite swiftly.

Congo already received a stamp of approval on Steam Greenlight and should release later this year.