Star Citizen Reaches $51M Milestone in Just Two Days, Racing & FPS Teased

We just reported on Saturday that Star Citizen has reached $50 million in funding and now in just a couple of days, the popular space simulator title has managed to get 1 more million making a total of $51 Million in crowd funding.

This instant raise of interest in the game is largely due to the Chris Roberts’ presence at Gamescom where he revealed bunch of new information about the incoming features of the game.

At the Gamecom event, Cloud Imperium revealed that the first-person shooting and racing will become part of Star Citizen in the future and to highlight the racing, a new video was shown which you can see above.

However, the first-person shooting aspect of the game is still a mystery at this moment, but developers did release a teaser for it, which you can see here.

I am sure that in the coming months, we will get more updates on how the developers are looking to integrate FPS in the game.

In addition to talking about these new features, a new video showcasing the planet exploration was also shown which is available to see right here.

Star Citizen’s popularity is increasing with every passing day and with $51 Million in the backing, you can expect more new features to be added into the game.

What do you think of this latest achievement by Cloud Imperium? What feature would you like to see added into the game?