Riot Games Not Interested in Matching Dota 2’s $10 Million Prize

Valve made big waves this year with its massive $10 million prize pool for Dota 2’s The International event. Competitor Riot Games was suddenly put in the spotlight by fellow League of Legends players in hopes of perhaps matching the behemoth figure.

Speaking to Polygon, head of EU eSports Jason Yeh stated that Riot Games has no plans to match the latest prize pool offered in Dota 2’s The International. In fact the company deems it more important to invest in the League infrastructure as a whole and not throw out such large sums of money for a single event.

Riot Games believes that this strategy will ensure the longevity of League of Legends as an eSport more than simply offering a $10 million prize pot every year. The company also revealed that doing the latter would restrict them from holding large-scale pro-gaming events on a weekly basis.

The massive $10 million prize pool for Dota 2 was achieved largely with the help of the community. The Compendium sales, where $2.50 of each sale contributed to the prize pool, ultimately helped Valve reach that figure.

Riot Games on the other hand have no such offer.

Instead it has Summoner Icons of professional League of Legends teams, where players can purchase an icon to show their support. A specific percentage of each sale of an icon goes into the eSports fund of League of Legends.

This year the Season 4 World Championships of League of Legends are going to be held in South Korea. The prize pot is set to around $2 million.