Lords of the Fallen Gets Over 20 Minutes of Footage Showcasing Demonic Realm

The upcoming Dark Souls inspired game Lords of the Fallen has received over 20 minutes of walkthrough which shows the new location of the game called Demonic Realm.

Right in the beginning of the video, we see the whole location from start to end as the boss of that particular stage appears and showcases his amazing weapons and skills.

The combat of the game is a bit slow but intriguing as it wants you to study the opponent and then make your move, which obviously will require some time. Even when facing a single opponent, you will have to be very careful as one fatal blow can end your journey.

The enemies in Lords of the Fallen are very diversified as you may come across a sword wielding opponent at one point and just after that you will be facing an enemy who is good at magic, keeping players on their toes all the time.

The normal enemies are quite difficult to defeat so when it comes to boss fights, do not expect any mercy at all as they will finish you off in an instant if you are not careful.

The game is shaping up to be an amazing title and its inspiration from Souls series can clearly be seen in the above video. Lords of the Fallen is set to hit the stores on 28th of October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.