Japan Getting a Cheaper Super Slim Version of PS3

According to a Press Release by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, the company’s previous generation console will be getting a price drop in the country from August 28th.

Currently in its 8th year since release, the 500 gigabyte “charcoal black” super slim version of PS3 will be sold at 25,980 yen (28,058 with tax) down from a previous price tag of 28,552 yen (30,837 with tax). This cheaper version will be a new model numbered CECH-4300C.

As expected with a newer model and an almost 3000 yen price drop, the previous models will be discontinued. This means that the previous “charcoal black” 500GB and 250GB models numbered CECH-4200C and CECH-4200B along with 250GB “classic white” model CECH-4200BLW will be no longer in production.

The release of this new version also coincides with the release of Atlus’ Persona 4 The Ultimatum Max Ultra Suplex Hold.

Alomg with the usual packaging, the new PS3 will ship with one DualShock 3 Controller and one of each type of cable: power, AV and usb.

The Super Slim PS3 was originally launched at the end of 2012 and despite its flimsy looking build quality, it has been praised a lot for its durability.