H1Z1 Will Feature Airdrops, But What is in the Box?

Some new information has come out of SOE live regarding the zombie infested world of H1Z1.

In addition to details about female characters in the game and a confirmation of a PS4 version, a video was revealed showcasing the inclusion of the Airdrop feature. Supplies will be dropped in care packages as planes fly over the wasteland.

And of course, packages will be dropped one at a time, which means that the players can rush to the crate, which will inevitably lead to chaos that may or may not attract the nearby zombie population.

This past weekend during SOE Live in Vegas, the revealed video¬†¬†featured three separate survivors in the vicinity of an airdrop. Each player is keen to find out what’s inside the box and are more than happy to fight over the precious goods without wasting anytime in discussion.

Though it is not yet revealed exactly what does these dropped packages will contain and how often will they drop but you can expect things like water, food, weapons and similar supplies.

The game will be available on Steam early Access later this year but no information regarding PS4 beta is revealed yet.

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