Explosive Dinosaurs Suspended After Studio Exits Over Failed Kickstarter

Sad news from developer Rawr Lab, as the team has decided to halt their production of Ouya game Explosive Dinosaurs, after departures in the studio. In a message sent to us, Pablo Navarro comments:

Explosive Dinosaurs’ development is suspended as the graphic and music artists, Jorge de Juan and Daniel Aguayo, have just left the team.

Previously, the game went through a Kickstarter campaign that didn’t garner much attention, partially due to launching it during E3 2014 activities. As per usual with these projects, a disappointing funding route and inexperience were listed as factors for the suspension:

It was a quite ambitious project for a team that had no experience working together, failing a Kickstarter is not a thing that can be easily get past and our differences ended up separating us.

Primarily, Explosive Dinosaurs existed as a party title, meant to be played with several players at once. Its campaign would serve to add more genres to the roster of mini-games.

The development team even managed to create an easy platform to create more content, as well as some interesting designs for an Ouya title. In the message, Navarro continues:

We had an awesome minigame framework which let us create minigames in just 20 lines of code, online multiplayer support, having a complementary player on a tablet, and many ideas that were remain to be done.

On July 10, Explosive Dinosaurs closed on Kickstarter with just $1257 of a needed $20,000 goal and 44 backers. It’s possible that the developer will look for a new graphics artist for the game, but it’s uncertain at this point.

Explosive Dinosaurs would also have been made available on PC. It even featured some mini-games that mimicked a Twitch Plays model and there was a cameo appearance for VVVVVV planned.

It looks like the Ouya is losing out on a party game.