EA Access: Madden NFL 15’s Early Access Restricted to Six Hours

One feature of the EA Access program is to allow paid subscribers early access to new EA titles a full five days early. However, today the company announced that it would be imposing a restriction of “six gameplay hours” for its upcoming Madden NFL 15 title.

“EA Access members will have six gameplay hours with the full Madden NFL 15 games,” Tweeted the official Twitter page.

Those who were thinking of playing the game to their heart’s content until its official release will be a bit disappointed to know that they can either burn through the allotted six hours in a single sitting or ration them through the five days.

EA has yet to clarify whether “six gameplay hours” means actual gameplay or if that time also includes players sitting in the menu screens.

Players and specifically EA Access members are not too pleased with the announcement. Almost everyone assumed that they would be having unlimited access to Madden NFL 15 during the five days before the game’s release.

Note that any progress you make during the early access can be transferred over to the full game upon its release.

EA Access is currently only on the Xbox One and requires a $5/month or $30/year subscription.

Along with early access to EA titles, members also get a 10 percent discount on content and titles, as well as unlimited access to a library of free games placed in the vault. Currently, this consists of FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4.