Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Fantasy Life Gets Gameplay Clip

Nintendo has a new trailer out for Fantasy Life from developer Level-5. It shows just how the world of Reveria works in this Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

In Fantasy Life, players get to explore the world through numerous different perspectives, with 12 professions in total. Prior to starting the game, you’ll get to create and customize a character to your liking.

Once ready to explore this cutesy environment with soft cel-shaded outlines, you’ll be presented with several tasks. These come with different gameplay designs.

For the quieter side of things, Fantasy Life allows you to take up a profession as a woodcutter or a miner and other various jobs, so you can collect items like wood, stones and so on. This can be completed seemingly automatically, just requiring you to explore to find gathering spots.

It’s possible to change your profession in Fantasy Life however, which presents different challenges. When crafting goods, for example, the dynamic changes to mini-games that require you to tap at the appropriate time.

There’s also a combat aspect in the game, where you’ll adventure through forests and dungeons to fight creatures and other monsters in real time. There’s even a spooky castle further on in the trailer, which would be tied to the adventure’s plot.

When not toiling, Fantasy Life moves ever closer to Animal Crossing with the possibility to make a little home for yourself, where you arrange a few items to your liking. Mix that with some of the developer’s visual style as seen in Professor Layton and the result gets quite cozy.

These sort of charming worlds need friends, so Fantasy Life will include multiplayer. This can be done with up to three players, either locally or online.

Fantasy Life will be out in Europe on September 26, 2014. North America will follow shortly after.