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The Crew Pre-Order via Steam Will Get You Limited Edition and Beta Access

If you are looking to pre-order The Crew on PC, then now is the best time to do it as Ubisoft is offering a chance to get limited edition of the game alongside guaranteed access to the upcoming beta for the same price.

The catch is to pre-order the game via Steam before 25th of August which is the starting date of next PC beta, and by doing that, you will get free upgrade to limited edition of the upcoming open world racing title.

The limited edition of The Crew comes with 10,000 Crew Credits and 3 exclusive street edition packs:


Each pack contains:

A full set of custom parts (front bumper, rear bumper, motor hood, rear wing).

A full set of performance parts (motor core, tires, suspension, weight reduction, chassis, brakes, anti-roll bars, differential, engine, exhaust, ecu, carb, charger, gear box).

The time is less and if you are interested in getting the game, then do pre-order before Aug. 26 and get your hands on the upcoming beta and limited edition of the game.

The Crew is Ubisoft’s attempt to bring the racing genre to an open world, where players will be able to form teams and compete against other teams on multiple terrains based around the whole country of USA.

Full release of The Crew is scheduled to happen on 11th of November for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Are you going to pre-order the game before Aug. 26th? Let us know in the comments below!