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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Will Feature Split-Screen and Hardcore Modes

Multiplayer reveal of Call Of Duty generated a lot of buzz as we were shown some of the new features of the game’s multiplayer recently at Gamescom.

There was a lot of focus on the exoskeleton suit, which adds numerous new movement options, including boost jump, dodge, slide, and slam. From weapons customization to a more vertical map design similar to the recent Titanfall, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare looks incredible so far.

Today, Sledgehammer Games Co-founder Michael Condrey Took to twitter to reveal some more tidbits about the upcoming First Person Shooter.

According to the revealed details Advanced Warfare will have split-screen play, hardcore modes, and in addition will include either 10 or 15 Prestige levels. His team is “Still Debating” over the numbers of these levels.

Furthermore, he mentioned that they believe they have “got the right balance” when it comes to time-to-kill and that “it seemed validated at Gamescom,” but the studio “still got some dev time too,” if they feel the need to make any changes to the experience.

From the looks of it, the game is set to take the franchise a step forward in the right direction and has surely got the fans excited.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be made available on November 4, 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.