Total War: Rome II Gets a Free Update Along Daughters of Mars DLC

Two announced DLC packs by Creative Assembly for Total War: Rome II are available now.

The August Warriors Update which is free and should be downloaded automatically to all copies of the game, will add unique units to the game such as the Hex-Bearers, Amazonian Riders and Scythian Noblewomen to several playable factions in the game.

Significant additions to the Suebi Faction Roster have also been made, which include Horseman (infantry, javelin skirmishers), Spear Wall (infantry, spear and shield), Round Shield Swordsmen (infantry, sword and shield) and Riders Of The Hunt (cavalry, spear).

If you want more, there is another DLC available known as “Daughters Of Mars”. Though not free, but on purchase will  feature the following:

  • Gladiatrices: Can be recruited by Rome, or as mercenaries in Italia.
  • Mercenary Kushite shieldwomen: Can be recruited as mercenaries in Aethiopia.
  • Lusitani Swordswomen: Can be recruited by The Lusitani, or as mercenaries in Lusitania.
  • Cimbri Bow-Women: Can be recruited by The Suebi.
  • Spear Gladiatrices: Can be recruited by Rome, or as mercenaries in Italia
  • Gorgo’s Skirmishers: Can be recruited by Sparta, or as mercenaries in Hellas.
  • Spearwomen: Can be recruited by The Suebi, or as mercenaries in Suebia, Silesia, and Magna Germania.

The Daughters Of Mars DLC is Available On Steam for the price of  $2.99 via Steam.