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Submissions Now Being Accepted for Team Fortress 2 Merchandise

How creative are? Valve is out to test your creativity with Team Fortress 2 Merch.

People who want to participate can submit their t-shirt and poster designs, which will then be voted by Team Fortress Community.

From there on, Valve will determine the top-rated entries; once the votes are all in, the best one will win and be sold as the official Valve merchandise at Valve Store and various online retailers.

What’s the catch? Well, on every unit sold the company will pay a royalty to the winner. This is a chance to show your creative skills to the world and be a part of history.

You can submit your designs on Team Fortress Workshop which operates in a similar manner to Steam Workshop.

Users can upload their designs in .jpeg, .psd, or .ai formats.

Team Fortress Merchandise will be made available for purchase, once votes are in from the Workshop community and evaluated by Valve.

Share your thoughts and views in the comments below regarding this amazing opportunity presented  by Valve to show your skills to the world.