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SOE President John Smedley Confirms H1Z1 For PS4

President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley has confirmed that the PS4 version ofH1Z1 exists and the game will be released for the platform.

Since the announcement of the free-to-play zombie survival horror game H1Z1, questions about a PS4 version were raised frequently by the fans. Even though no release date was mentioned along with the confirmation but those fans who wanted to experience the zombie filled open world of H1Z1 on Sony’s PS4 can rest easy.

H1Z1 is compared to another hugely successful title “DayZ Standalone” since we first heard of the game and with the recent announcement of DayZ set to make its way on PS4 as well, heat of the competition is on. So far both games have showed a lot of promise and are taking this genre a step forward.

Furthermore, In recent talk about H1Z1 Mat Broom, art director for the title, has assured fans that the team is also focusing on bringing more female characters, even in time for Steam Early Access.

“Early access is going to be awesome, because we won’t just be adding our own items, we’ll be carefully listening to the community on feedback for what’s important to them. Top priorities are female characters and their own wearables as well. That means kick ass new boots, and more options for head gear and fatigues.”

How much will H1Z1 be able to differentiate itself from DayZ in terms of gameplay on both PS4 and PC remains to be seen. The game will be available on Steam early Access later this year but no information regarding PS4 beta is revealed yet.

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