SimCity Competition Cities: Skylines Flaunts Offline Play

Publisher Paradox Interactive has been getting into the eyes of console gamers during recent conventions, but the company still loves its simulation PC roots. In its own conference stream yesterday, they’ve announced Cities: Skylines as their latest iteration in the series.

Cities: Skylines will once more be in hands of developer Colossal Order, who previously also worked on Cities in Motion, which focused heavily on managing transport networks. This latest project, however, will be going above and beyond.

In Cities: Skylines, you’ll be able to make your city pretty much how you’d like. You can put down city districts and customize them with a name, run policies for them and so on.

Naturally, you’ll also be in charge of the road network, as well as the public transportation routes, where you’ll work to build an efficient infrastructure. Through building, you’ll be able to unlock more content.

Another feature in Cities: Skylines is the ability to unlock new map times to expand the city, in order to create giant hubs. You’ll also be able to connect your commercial infrastructure to neighboring areas.

Cities: Skylines even has wonders to work towards, to really put your mark on the city.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

This announcement comes with a glorious trailer that stylishly flips off SimCity, detailing its ability to mod the game and share it online or even to just play offline, if you’d like. Really, this title is basically SimCity, but done right the first time around and that’s fine by us.

Aside from Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive also announced Hollowpoint for Playstation 4, during Sony’s Gamescom conference. It previously put up Magicka 2 at Sony’s E3 presentation.