Producer Yong Woo Talks About The Future Of Hearthstone

In an interview during GamesCom 2014, Hearthstone producer Yong Woo announced future plans for Blizzard’s highly popular card game set in the Warcraft universe.

Among the things he mentioned being in development for the game, perhaps the most exciting for Hearthstone fans would be a new expansion in the works (not just an Adventure but a full-fledged expansion) as well as the much awaited Observer/Spectator mode.

Yong mentioned that the company’s top priority was to make tournament streams smoother and to make them more tailored for an ‘over the shoulder’ experience.

Players should be able to watch their friend’s ongoing matches when they login just as they would if such a match would be occurring in real life.

“There’s a hunger for more social elements and we want to explore social experiences through this mode” Woo said.

There is still no estimated time of release for the expansion or the observer mode but it certainly is well into development.

Another key question on which Woo shed some light was regarding the gold cards in the recently released Curse of Naxxramas.

Originally the cards were intended to be obtainable by completing the Heroic modes however that was changed and they can only be acquired through crafting and dust now.

“It was really important to make Heroic mode completely optional. We let the designers go all out with that mode. People want golden cards, so we didn’t want to gate it and possibly frustrate players”.

Woo also mentioned that Blizzard is looking into implementing a co-op experience for Hearthstone as well.