Ether One Being Remade In Unreal Engine 4 For PS4

Developer White Paper Games will be bringing their PC game, Ether One, to Playstation 4. Moreover, the team is dedicated to rebuilding their adventure completely, using the Unreal Engine 4, instead of porting it.

Ether One is an explorative adventure title, seen from a first person perspective. Players dive back into the mind of people, to try and uncover lost memories.

With this game design, the developer wants to tackle some tough issues, such as dementia. You’ll be guided through your experience by a supervisor, bringing you updates from the study this adventure is used for.

Gameplay mostly takes place in a rural town in the early industrial era. There’s a folksy vibe going through cobblestone squares and into humble worker homes.

Another unique mechanism in Ether One is that it detaches its puzzle system from most of its narrative. There are a series of problems to solve within its world, but most of them only unlock additional content or explanations and aren’t required to finish the story.

When the game first released on PC, we reviewed Ether One. We found it to be a boring and empty title, but ultimately ambitious in its creative design and highly atmospheric for those who just want an interesting world to live in.

Ether One is White Paper Games’ first title. Outside of our thoughts, the game has been mostly well received, even receiving a nomination for a Develop Award for its narrative.

If you can’t wait, Ether One is available on PC right now for €19.99.