Until Dawn Will Be 9 Hours Long and Will Have Hundreds of Endings

Sony has been giving a lot of attention to Until Dawn since it was re-revealed at Gamescom for PlayStation 4 and now developers have shared few new tidbits about the upcoming survival horror title.

First and most important detail shared by the devs of this new game is that it is going to take almost nine hours to complete and will have hundreds of endings.

Now, this is a huge claim to make for a single title, but this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise as developers previously stated that every single character in the game can die, which will change the upcoming sequences altogether.

In Until Dawn, there are total of eight playable characters with each of them providing their own unique perspective to the game and more importantly, you will be making choices for all of them.

The storyline of the game is also very intriguing as it takes inspiration from the titles like “I Know What You Did Last Summer, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls” as you try to escape a serial killer who is on the hunt for all eight characters.

The fate of each character of Until Dawn will be in your hands when the game launches for PlayStation 4 next year.

What are your thoughts on this amazing story driven title? Are you looking forward to it?

Source: Destructoid