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Bayonetta 2 Audio Explained By Platinum Games In A New Post

Platinum Games has shared new information on its upcoming title Bayonetta 2 saying that the game will also feature demons as the enemy, which is a whole new category to become part of the title and creating their audio was not an easy task.

Here is what the developers wrote on their official blog:

Bayonetta 2 has many more types of enemies than the original, and it features demons: a whole new category of enemy. My job making enemy SFX could be broken up into two parts. The first part involves creating base sounds, such as gunshots, sword swings, and so on. Then, I create sounds that characterized angels and demons, and blend them with the base.

The developer continues on to say that creating audio for both the Angels and Demons was quite a hefty task as every person has different perception for both.

If angelic sounds could be described with words like sacred and divine, we figured demonic sounds would probably best be characterized by the opposite, words like profane and unholy. I started creating sounds by using these keywords as a guide.

On the other hand, the base sounds were rather easier to create as people have a general idea of how the gun shots would sound, listening from other video games and movies.

With Bayonetta 2, Platinum Games wants to bring an experience that is really memorable for all the players, and we will see how much they will succeed in that when the game launches for Wii U later this year.