Arena of Fate Gameplay Trailer Introduces Some Popular Characters

Crytek’s Arena of Fate has received a gameplay trailer in which developers reveal how the game will work upon its release.

First of all, the game starts off quickly as you just pick one of the available heroes and dive directly into the match, which will go on for maximum 20 minutes.

In addition to that, some new heroes of the game have also been shared in the video as they are part of one team which consists of Achilles who is a very powerful member, Robin Hood who is effective from long range, Lionheart who is also very strong, the Red Riding Hood and finally Alice who will rely on some magical tricks.

There will be multiple ways to win the match as you can take the victory by annihilating the opposition, outscoring them and if the match comes to the end of 20 minutes then the team with more points will take the victory.

Arena of Fate wants to be a part of the popular MOBA genre and people who are interested in the game can apply for beta right here.

With its awesome characters and over the top gameplay, you can expect Arena of Fate to compete against the best in the market.

What do you think of the new gameplay and character reveals in the new trailer?