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This is How Journey Looks Running at 1080p, 60fps on PS4

Sony revealed yesterday, that its popular title Journey will be making its way to PlayStation 4 later this year with improved visuals and to showcase how much the game has improved, Sony revealed over 6 minutes of gameplay at Gamescom, which you can see here.

Journey in this new video, looks even more beautiful and PS4 owners who missed out on the game before, now has a chance to play it.

The developers “Thatgamecompany” upon announcing the game on new gen console stated:

Today we are happy to share that a whole new generation of players will experience the wonder of Journey when it comes to PlayStation 4 later this year.

The game got its fame due to its amazing storyline that just reels you in and doesn’t let go till the end. Also, the game has an amazing music which responds directly to every single action that you take in the game.

The overall length of story isn’t very long, but every single second that you spend in the game becomes part of memory because of the awesome way it is told.

Players who don’t like to play alone have also been invited into the game as there is an option to play cooperatively with your friend, which provides a new and unique kind of gameplay experience to the players.

Journey was a huge success on PS3 and we will see how it does on PS4 when it releases later this year.