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PlayStation 4 Share Play Limited to 60 Minutes, Fair Enough?

Gamescom came with a flood of information from Sony. In additions to announcement of Until Dawn and Silent Hill, the company shared some information regarding the “Share Play” feature on PS4 which got a positive feedback from the fans.

According to the details provided at Sony’s press conference, the Share Play feature will be a part of the upcoming system update v2.0 and will enable gamers to play local multiplayer with a friend who is not physically with them at the time.

There are two ways in which you can use this feature.

  1. Players can virtually hand off the controller to a friend as if you were both sitting in the same room, so you could take turns with a single player title.
  2. You can invite a friend of yours to play the game’s local multiplayer with you without actually being in the same location.

Interesting isn’t it? but wait there’s a catch, the share play feature is limited to 60 minutes, in an interview to a French Gaming Website Sony’s Jim Ryan shared:

“There is a limit, which is incredibly generous in my opinion: it is 60 minutes.”

He added: “Also, if I am a PS + member and not you, I invite you to play even if you’re not a member PS Plus. However, if you want to play against me, competitive, you have to be PS + member.”

Its not clear yet that this limit is per game or per session. Furthermore Jim Ryan said the player with no PlayStation Plus Subscription will be able to get Share play invites but they will not be able to be a part of the Co-Op experience.

What are your thoughts on this time limit? Fair enough? Share your views about the story in the comments below!