Life is Strange First Gameplay Footage Introduces The Protagonist

Life is Strange since its reveal was among the highly anticipated titles to be shown at Gamescom and now we have the first gameplay footage of the upcoming title.

In the video above, developer introduces us to the game’s protagonist “Max”, who is a very shy personality and has just returned to her hometown.

Furthermore, Max has the ability to rewind time which she will be able to use if something goes horribly wrong.

This feature will allow players to explore multiple possibilities that are available in the game, for example, you take one decision during your playthrough, but didn’t like the outcome, then you have the option of rewinding the time and redoing the whole sequence and possibly getting a favorable outcome.

Usually, this rewind ability will take you to the previous checkpoint, but there will be some moments when you will be doing a lot more with the amazing ability.

The gameplay of Life is Strange is very similar to the fairly popular title of last year called “Gone Home” as players will be checking out multiple stuff upon their return to home and trying to make sense of what exactly is going on.

The developers behind this game previously worked on Remember Me which was overlooked by a lot of gamers, but this new game from the developers is looking pretty great.

So far, there isn’t much information available on when we will be able to get our hands on the game, but we hope that it is sooner rather than later.

Source: Dualshokers