Play As Game Media In Always Sometimes Monsters Demo

Narrative adventure Always Sometimes Monsters has launched a demo on Steam that will try to illustrate how the game works in a different way. Instead of the main story, which would be spoiled by a sample, the demo takes place at the game’s launch event.

During this specially crafted bit of gameplay, you’ll personify the gaming media, ready to dive into Always Sometimes Monsters or the many interactions that come with events. You’ll be able to go to the bar, take advantage of free food or, heavens forbid, work and interview the developers.

This should highlight how making choices can craft a different game for each playthrough in Always Sometimes Monsters. Additionally, the demo will involve real quotes from games media and players for some more meta manipulation.

Crafting a special demo outside the game, to portray the atmosphere inside of it, can be quite successful. Previously, The Stanley Parable managed to intrigue thousands with a witty sample of its title, without ruining the plot of the actual project.

In the normal game of Always Sometimes Monsters, you take the role of a struggling writer who finds out their former love interest is getting married cross country. You pack up and try to get to the wedding, to ultimately try to save the relationship, which is based on the developer’s real life.

Gameplay is divided into a few towns that have divisive events going on. You’ll frequently be given the choice how to handle a situation, as you try and work your way further.

Along with the demo, Always Sometimes Monsters is also going on sale this week. It’s currently 50% off on Steam.