Phil Spencer: Framerate is More Important Than Resolution, Agreed?

Ever since any gamer can remember, there has been a constant battle going on between PC gamers and consoles regarding frames per second and resolution. Even among consoles, fans fight over whether Xbox delivers better frames and resolution or PlayStation does.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has his own view on this, and some would totally agree with him on this. According to Xbox division’s boss, a higher frame rate is more important than native 1080p resolution.

In an interview with CVG, Spencer said “1080p isn’t some mythical, perfect resolution. Frame rate to me is significantly more important to gameplay than resolution and the mix of those two which brings the right art style and freedom, whether it’s on PlayStation or our platform.”

While he is right on this to some extent, some would argue that if they are dishing out 400-500$ for a next generation machine, they should be getting their money’s worth in all aspects.

Spencer was of the view that achieving 1080p with 60fps also depends on the genre of the game. While some actions games can do without it, it’s sort of a necessity when it comes to games like Forza or other similar fast paced titles.

So what are your thoughts about Phil’s stance on framerate versus resolution? Do you feel that even with the points presented by Phil, the performance gap between both PS4 and Xbox One is huge?
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