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Find Out How Far Bloodborne Has Come Since Its Reveal

Bloodborne seems to have undergone several changes compared to when we saw the game with its original ‘Project Beast’ codename. The latest Gamescom 2014 reveal this week has enabled a Reddit user by the name of FangedKnightBiorr to pile up a list of changes between the original Project Beast leak and the now Bloodborne title.

The user starts with the blood texture which now looks darker and more dense compared to the 2013 trailer where the blood was more lighter.

The user also noted that in the latest trailer the blood flows out from enemies in a manner similar to what we have seen in the God of War titles. In the 2013 trailer the blood flow was more linear and flowed in the direction where the player swung his weapon.

The walking and running animations also seem to have been tweaked. Previously they were more reminiscent of Dark Souls 2 while now they seem different and more rigid.

Similarly the rolling effect was also reminiscent of Dark Souls 2 but now looks “to be nearly exactly the same as the original Dark Souls title.”

In the latest Bloodborne trailer, the player’s backstep distance seemed to have been shortened. Perhaps the developers found the larger distance making it easier for players to escape death.

Finally the user pointed out that the two guns used in both trailers seem different to each other. In the Project Beast trailer the guns looked and acted more like your standard sawed-off shotgun. However, in Bloodborne it acts like a blunderbuss.

Bloodborne is the new title from Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. It will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.