The Elder Scrolls Online: NA Servers to Go Offline Today For Maintenance

The North American megaserver of The Elder Scrolls Online will be taken offline today at 1:00PM EDT for maintenance purposes, ZeniMax Online Studios announced earlier in the day.

The original announcement contained the intention of bringing down both the NA and EU megaservers on the same day but then the exact timing for the maintenance was still under discussion. With today’s announcement, it’s more than likely that the EU servers will be taken down either tomorrow or day after.

According to the announcement the server maintenance will address the “damage scaling issue” that many of the players have been reporting for some time.

The fourth major update for the game is scheduled to arrive next month. It plans to extend the Craglorn Adventure Zone with a new area, new quests, a new trial and the Dragonstar Arena. Zenimax has released a new trailer to give out a quick sneak peek for the update.

Update 4 is on its way to ESO with tough new challenges,” said the developer. “The mysterious tale of Craglorn continues as you and your friends explore a new region of the Adventure Zone and take on the new Trial that awaits you there.

You’ll also find a new kind of challenge for your group: the Dragonstar Arena is ready to put the toughest heroes to the test. Watch the video now and prepare for new quests, delves, Trials, and much more in Update 4, slated to launch in September.

You can keep tabs on the server maintenance by heading here.