The Division: New Screenshots Pit You Against The Cleaners

The Division is currently available on the show floor of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany for all attendees to play and there’s yet to be a single player who has gone home disappointed with Ubisoft’s latest project.

Following the developer’s presentation at E3 2014 in June where everyone stared at the game’s progress in awe, Ubisoft has now brought to Gamescom the same demo which it previewed to the press at E3 behind closed doors.

The proceedings of Gamescom 2014 has seen Ubisoft to release a batch of new screenshots that show players prepping for combat with enemies known only as the Cleaners. As previously revealed, the Cleaners are dedicated to finding any survivors and killing them to reduce the risk of infection.

The Division is set in the city of New York which is half frozen, all thanks to a lethal man-made virus that ran its course throughout the city and wiped out almost every living being in the area.

The Division is the name of a government organization of which you, the players, will be part of. These agents are sent in to clean up the mess and to retake the city from chaos.

The Division was originally planned for release late this year but was then pushed back to sometime in 2015. According to Ubisoft, it needed more time to polish the game further.

The Division is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.