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DayZ Standalone Update v0.48 Brings New Weapon, Villages and Multiple Fixes

The latest DayZ Standalone update v0.48 Brings along with itself a Smersh vest and a couple of villages “Vavilova village” and “Sinistok village”.

In addition to this, some much needed fixes have been made including “Player is unable to attack with any weapon in certain circumstances”, “Ladders can’t be used after hit by grenade explosion”, “When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects” and more.

You can check out the details on the fixes here.

Furthermore, In this update, the sawed-off Mosin which is a smaller version of the popular rifle has been added.

The burlap warp is also available and players will be able to craft them from burlap sack with the help of a machete, and grass can be added as well by players. A new animation was also designed for running movements with a raised weapon stance.

In related news, the next update v0.49 will apparently add fancy gardening and swine farms. Update is expected in late August.

What features are you most excited about? And what future improvement to the game you want to see? Share your thoughts and comments below!.