Call of Duty Ghosts: Infinity Ward has Fixed The Bomb Glitch, Again

Infinity Ward has apparently fixed the notorious Call Of Duty Ghosts Glitch once again in online play and private matches.

The Glitch due to which players couldn’t plant or defuse the bomb in search and destroy, was fixed by IW but a few weeks ago a patch for the game Brought this irritating glitch back into online play and private matches.

Once again, IW has fixed this problem today so for now you will be able to plant and defuse bombs in your online sessions without having to worry about this issue.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer has been criticized by fans all over and this type of bugs aren’t going to help the situation.

This is not the first glitch the game’s Search and destroy mode have had since its inclusion in the game after launch, another glitch known as the invisible bomb glitch made bomb case invisible and can confuse the players trying to defuse it.

Yearly Franchise’s have a very strict development cycle and sometimes that affects the overall quality of the finished product but the good thing or should I say a positive trend have begun in the industry of delaying games if the developer feels the title won’t be ready in time. We can take the examples of Watchdogs and Drive Club for that.

Do you think a game should be properly tested for bugs? And is it ok to delay a game for that purpose? share your thoughts and comments below!