Xbox One To Get Most Voted Features On

Just as Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference began, Major ‘Larry Hyrb’ Nelson outlined some of the features that are headed to Xbox One; most of which were recommended via the community’s active feedback.

Features like low battery notifications, 3D Blu-ray support, and external hard drive support have been demanded by the community, which Microsoft delivered.

Seeing such active response from Microsoft has made the Xbox One fans go gaga about Microsoft’s policies and online communities like Reddit are swarming with positive appreciation from the fans.

A Redditor, HealthyyCyanide explained how one of his friends came up with a prototype of threaded messaging-conversation which was later adapted by the Microsoft. Here’s a glance:


Xbox Live

Design Adapted by Microsoft:

Xbox Live

However, seeing active support at the part of Microsoft has made fans come up with more demands like bringing back 1 vs. 100.

Those of you who don’t know, 1 vs. 100 was an avatar-based quiz show game that was released on Xbox Live back in 2009. The game revolved around giving away real-life rewards to players, but was taken down in 2010 due to mismanagement.

The demand has already seen its way to Xbox Feedback website, but whether we will witness its return or not, remains to be seen.

All in all, Microsoft seems to be headed on the right path with all these updates and delivering more exclusives for its fans.