Unreal Tournament Gets 20 Minutes of Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage at Gamescom

People have been pretty excited about the new installment in Unreal Tournament series since its announcement and now Fatal1ty TV has released over 20 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage of the upcoming title.

The visuals despite being in pre-alpha stage are looking quite promising due to power of Unreal Engine 4, however, the gameplay resembles a lot to previous entries in the series.

Just like before, the game will have multiple PvP gameplay modes in which you will be taking on opponents and forming partnerships in over the top, fast paced gameplay of the title.

Shooting mechanics in the game will feel very similar to the players, who are used to playing other first person shooters in the market right now.

Epic has picked up on Unreal Tournament after quite some time as previous installment in the series saw light of day back in 2007 and after much demand and wait, we are finally going to see a new game in the series.

Epic Games has a pretty good track record with all of its franchises and we will see if this one manages to satisfy the fans when it finally enters into alpha and beta stages later this year.

What do you think of this gameplay video? Are you excited about next installment in Unreal Tournament series?