Shadow Realms Screenshots Show Environments and Characters

BioWare has long been teasing their mysterious project which they officially announced as Shadow Realms at EA’s Gamescom conference.

We’ve got our hands on some of the in-game screenshots showing an early build of the game, considering that it’s closed alpha test is beginning next month. The said screenshots reveal quite a lot of the game’s environments, characters, weapons, and monsters.

Shadow Realms is a new BioWare RPG that has the hallmarks of all BioWare games with a rich story, a unique world setting and deep combat progression, but built as an interactive experience that evolves the genre and broadens the appeal to online gamers all over the world.

Inferring from these screenshots, it seems like players will be able to combine different components and create their own unique weapons, much like in Dead Rising. Check them out below and tell us what you think!

BioWare has confirmed that the game is played in a 4 vs. 1 fashion which is identical to 2K Games’ Evolve Four players join to take down a big monster of immeasurable powers, controlled by another human player.

Currently, the game is scheduled to release sometime in 2015 exclusively for PC, but we will update you if we hear anything of a console release.

And finally, those of you interested in taking part in the game’s alpha test should head over to the Shadow Realms official website.