See The Three Factions Of Risen 3: Titan Lords

Publisher Deep Silver has put out a new trailer for Risen 3: Titan Lords, in conjunction with the game’s release in North America. If you’re the European sort, you’ll still need to wait until August 15, but this lengthy commentary on the game’s options might get you excited already.

This clip centers on the three factions available in the roleplaying game (RPG). As with the Gothic series and original Risen title, developer Piranha Bytes will once more allow characters to join a certain group.

Choosing an alliance will unlock different quests, but also open specific skills and equipment, not available anywhere else. You won’t, however, be able to pick all of them at once.

Guardians are the first group being detailed. Here, you’ll protect some mages working on weapons to defeat the titans. You’ll become part of their elite soldiers, benefitting from their knowledge in many spells.

Demon Hunters are more the brawling type. These sordid-looking fighters that convene in murky swamps seek a grimoire that will give them strength. As a part of this team, you’ll fight off skeletons and other nasty creatures with the ability to teleport, summon creatures or apply a series of enhancing buffs.

Hunters were part of those grizzly opening trailers for Risen 3, where it showed off a much darker tone than it had before. To be honest, it did the trick to show some of the nice visual designs the team will be putting into this title.

Finally, the Voodoo Pirates faction nod towards the theme that Risen 2 had, when it was set in the tropics. With these allies, you’ll focus on a mix of dirty fighting tactics and weird magic spells.

There certainly won’t be any shortage of content in Risen 3: Titan Lords. It’s said to have over 100 quests, doubling the size of the previous iteration.

You can get Risen 3: Titan Lords on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.