Plump Up This Fat Chicken With Steam Greenlight Votes

Developer Mighty Rabbit Studios has a new project running, called Fat Chicken, which it currently is putting through Steam Greenlight, to once more get approved. It’s not the first game to pass the bar from the studio, which should exclude it from needing the platform, but it’s a title in association with Relevant Games.

Moreover, Fat Chicken is a tower defense title at heart, which are a dime a dozen at the moment. Still, it’s trying to put its own spin on the static model the strategy genre usually has.

For starters, instead of destroying enemies with towers set on a fixed path, Fat Chicken has you plumping up cattle and livestock on their way to the farm for money. Additionally, towers will heal sick creatures to keep them fit for the slaughterhouse, ironically enough.

Fat Chicken will have 13 different locations and 26 scenarios. At least, its cutesy atmosphere is enchanting. Paths don’t seem so much as lanes in this game, as much as they just cut through a living work area.

With the game, the developers also want to give some insight on just how farming works and how animals are treated. You’ll need to meet certain quotas and put your research department to work to keep your farm modern.

Moreover, Fat Chicken will feature 17 tracks from composer Jason Graves, who previously worked on Dead Space and the Tomb Raider reboot. This won’t really have the same vibe, but it’s possible to listen to the soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Before Fat Chicken, Mighty Rabbit Studios already put Breach & Clear and Saturday Morning RPG on Steam. It wrote an empathic post about the dangers of putting these games in bundles as well.