PlayStation Exclusive P.T. Turns Out to Be a New Silent Hill Game

Originally revealed as P.T. by Hideo Kojima during Sony’s GamesCom 2014 press conference, the “world’s first interactive teaser” has now turned out to be a new Silent Hill game created by Kojima alongside famed horror movie director, Guillermo del Toro.

So all the stuff mentioned during the conference turned out to be another one of Kojima’s attempts at surprise reveals, even the developer 7780s Studios. Well it seems like the attempt paid off and everyone was shocked, not just Silent Hill fans after trying out the teaser.

The teaser basically has players roaming around in a house, stuck in some kind of a loop where they have to pass through the same hallway again and again, until they find some kind of a door which leads them out onto the street and to the next big reveal about the game.

Everyone knows Norman Reedus right? Ladies go mad over his Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Well it turns out Reedus will be performing as the protagonist of the game (and that likeness is so uncanny, hats off to Kojima!)

Another interesting thing mentioned in the teaser is the title of the game. Unlike typical Silent Hill games where the franchise title is followed by the game title, this one is named Silent Hills (yes with a ‘s’ at the end).

Did you get to try the teaser? Share your thoughts about the big reveal below.