Petition Asks Nintendo To Create Robin Williams NPC in New Legend of Zelda Game

Legendary Hollywood actor Robin Williams passed away recently and the world is saddened by his sudden demise. Williams was famous for his love of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise, one of the reasons he even named his daughter Zelda.

To show their love for the actor and to immortalize his name in the game which he loved so much, an online petition was created following his death, urging Nintendo to create a NPC in the Legend of Zelda games named after the actor.

The petition has so far reached 30,000 signatures, however there still has been no word from Nintendo America as to whether they will be accepting the demand or not. Although the chances of this happening are quite high since the company also appreciated the actor, having cast him recently in a few commercials for the game.

Another petition was also launched recently by fans of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMO since it was common knowledge that Williams loved playing the highly popular MMO and was a huge fan of Warcraft III.

The petition requested Blizzard to create an NPC in the game and pay some sort of tribute to the actor. Well that actually did succeed and even before reaching 10,000 signatures, Blizzard confirmed via Twitter that they will be taking care of this.

It still isn’t clear whether the tribute will be in the form of a statue or a NPC who cracks random jokes, although given Blizzard’s history (Harris Pilton after Paris Hilton and Harrison Jones after Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones) its highly likely that we will be seeing an NPC in the game pretty soon.